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Magnetic Sign Care and Tips

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Our magnets are currently constructed from
3m or Avery cut viny placed on .030 thick
magnetic sheeting from Magnum Magnetics



Surface Preparation
Be sure the application surface is clean and free of dirt, oils and grease. Clean with soap and water, dry surface, wipe with alcohol. In any outdoor application, such as car signs, the metal surface should be waxed.


Magnetic sheeting holds best to flat surfaces and surfaces reasonably curved in one direction. When the magnet is placed in the wrong position, remove magnet and re-position. DO NOT pull magnet to re-position when it is against the surface , as the magnet may stretch due to resistance caused by the high magnetic strength and also may scratch the application surface. Make sure the entire magnet is against the metal surface - no air pockets.

Moisture and dirt WILL COLLECT between the magnet and metal surface, particularly in outside applications (car signs). Remove and clean both the magnet and surface with mild detergent and allow both to dry. For car signs, the magnetic sign MUST BE REMOVED OCCASIONALY to remove a build up of dirt behind the sign which WILL RESULT in the sign evetually falling from the vehicle. We recomment a cleaning process weekly.
To protect the new clear coat / base coat and vinyl surfaces present on new cars and trucks we recommend daily removal of magnetic signs.

The magnet is more pliable and easy to work with when it is at room temperature when applied. The best way to store magnetic signs or material is either flat or on a roll, never magnet to magnet.

Waxing the back of the magnet helps prevent dirt from scratching the magnetic side of the magnet or sign, or dirt becoming "embedded" in the magnetic surface.
If your magnet has a bend in it from laying on a non-flat surface, try applying the magnet on the side of your laundry dryer while it is running. The heat will help the magnet conform back to its original flat surface. Store multiple magnets with cardboard between them.

Many of our magnets have rounded corrners when possible, which will help eliminate a curling of the edges as the magnet ages. This also helps prevent magnets from "tearing" during removal.
If you have a square cut magnet and the edges start to "curl" you can simply use a half dollar or other small round object and a utility/razor knife or scissors to round the corners and cut the curling area from the magnet.