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Frequently Asked Questions - Ebay Purchases
100% satisfaction Guarantee, simply contact us and let us know any problems whatsoever and we will correct it or refund the transaction in full with no question.

3) - SHIPPING COST, COMBINED COSTS: We try and make our shipping costs just enough to cover the cost of mailing and the supplies used. It can be difficult to make charges accurate for every worldwide location. We do our best. We do package all decals in plastic to protect from moisture. We can combine shipping costs if the items fit in the same size/type package. YOU MUST allow us to send an invoice with combined shipping costs BEFORE YOU PAY. We DO NOT send CASH REFUNDS through the mail.

3A) - DELIVERY CONFIRMATION, PRIORITY MAILING, INSURANCE: We mail all of our decals US Postal Service First Class Mail. Because most buyers prefer very inexpensive or free shipping we DO NOT OFFER delivery confirmation or priority mailing for the pricing we charge for our mailing/shipping charges. If you have any issue with not receiving a decal item, simply contact us and verify the shipping information and we can mail out items again. (This is applicable to decal items we manufacture. We do sell some other "specialty/one of a kind" items we do insure or require delivery confirmation).

4)- CONTACTING US: We try and respond quickly and answer questions, take care of any concerns and try to maintain great communication with our buyers. If you do have a concern feel free to drop us a note and request our phone number if you feel it cannot be handled via email. Keep in mind we are not in front of the computer 24/7 and do take some time off on weekends. We also need some down time as selling hundreds of different items online can be very demanding.

5) - CUSTOM REQUESTS, CUSTOM ARTWORK: REQUESTS FOR CUSTOM ITEMS or new decals will be considered if it is something that we can make in quantity and add to our ebay product line and would be of interest to multiple buyers. We can make "good ideas" and add them for all to purchase. WE DO NOT MAKE custom items for a business, one of a kind custom items, or create custom artwork or other custom items through our ebay account(s).

6) - COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: We do not make items that are copyright protected so please do not ask. Many of our items are from our own designs. If you see an EXACT COPY of our artwork elsewhere on Ebay, please let us know or feel free to report it to Ebay.

7)- OTHER COLORS: Contact us if you have a question about a product in a different color than listed. Most decals can be made in standard colors of Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver or Gold. But CONTACT US FIRST with your question. We do not match a specific shade or do any type of custom colors.

8) - ABOUT COLOR SWATCHES: We are glad to send a color swatch FIRST at no charge to be sure you are happy with the color. Don't worry about the extra time, we re-list most of our products every week so if it takes a bit of time to approve a color there is no need to rush.

9) - COLORS SHOWN ON SCREEN: Colors on a monitor screen (RGB colors) will appear different than actual colors you hold in your hand/ the actual product (CMYK colors). Request a color swatch if you are particular.

10) - ABOUT "HOT" or "DAYGLO" COLORS: We get a lot of requests or questions for HOT, Day Glow or Fluorescent colors. Usually when referring to a HOT color you are referring to Fluorescent colors or colors that Glow under a Black Light. Our colors are bright, but not actually the HOT or FLUORESCENT colors. They do make these fluorescent colors/vinyl but they do not have the 6-YEAR life like the vinyl we prefer to use. They only have a "6 MONTH OUTDOOR LIFE", and we prefer not to sell these, as we do not need any complaints that the decals do not hold up well to the sunlight. The "HOT" colors will fade very quickly if exposed constantly to the suns UV Rays of the sun. If you are inquiring about a Hot Pink color, we do offer a magenta/pink color that is bright, will last up to 6 years but is not as bright as a fluorescent or hot color.

11) - RETURNED ITEMS/BAD ADDRESS: We refund items that come back 'RETURN TO SENDER" and/or there is a problem with the address. We do not send items out to the same bad address twice.

12) - DISCOUNTS: Further discounting of items under $5.00 can be difficult as sellers do need to cover fees paid to Ebay and PayPal. We can offer a discount on larger orders, contact us for details. We cannot discount/change the price on a listing that is already posted on ebay, Discounted sales must be listed as a special BUY IT NOW for your request. We DO NOT sell decals to others to sell on Ebay and compete with us.

13) - ACCEPTING CASH OR MONEY ORDERS: Ebay no longer allows sellers to accept cash or money orders (except in specific categories), and only allows online payments specified. Any seller/buyer breaking this rule can be suspended from selling/buying on ebay. Contacting sellers through the Ebay email system and asking to break this rule can be monitored and both parties suspended. We do obey this rule and only use the ACCEPTED methods of payment.

14) - SELLING OUTSIDE OF EBAY: If we are contacted through ebay about an item listed, WE DO NOT/WILL NOT SELL THAT ITEM TO YOU OUTSIDE OF EBAY or do anything to circumvent any type of ebay fees in any way. We can loose our selling privileges on ebay for breaking this ebay rule.



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