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Frequently Asked Questions
  100% Satisfaction Guarantee, simply contact us and let us know any problems whatsoever and we will correct it, make it right, or refund the transaction in full with no question.

CONTACTING US: We try and respond quickly to all email inquiries, questions and issues ( If you do have a concern feel free to call us on the phone at 440-352-3280. Keep in mind we are not in front of the computer 24/7 and do take some time off on weekends. We also need some down time as selling thousands of different decals online can be very demanding.

This FAQ page is a bit universal so it will cover questions and answers to sales on our Website, Amazon and Ebay.

Questions About Shipping

1) Can you make it by my deadline? birthday party? car meet? by this weekend?
We ship everything very quickly but we don't do deadlines, express shipping, or expedited shipping to meet your party, birthday, inspection date (school bus decals) or event etc. Please plan ahead to allow time for the shipment to arrive.

Do you ship to a temporary address such as a hotel room when I am on vacation?
We highly recommend that you DO NOT ship to a temporary address. We have had customers do this upon a purchase, and every time we have had a complaint filed that they did not receive their order. Tracking confirms shipment to the address but not a specific room. We have no control over this issue. Please wait and have delivered to your permanent and confirned address.

3) What about shipping costs, combining Shipping and Tracking?
We do try and sell most items on our website, amazon and ebay with free shipping (there are a few exceptions). Some orders have shipping set as a flat rate postage charge depending on the total dollar/weight/item of the purchase. We do mail ALL orders USPS. We supply tracking when available, but be aware that first class envelopes DO NOT offer a tracking option from the USPS.

Questions About Payment, Returns, Replacement, Warranty

4) Do you accept returns? What if I made a mistake or item was purchased without approval.

We do accept returns on all decals with the exception of the few decals we sell that we make custom text to your specs. We do not pay the postage return fee as we do not charge postage to you, in most cases.

5) My item or decal arrived damaged or creased. What do I do?
We do replace any item (free of charge) that arrives damaged or has a defect. Simply contact us and let us know. Supply the information of your purchase (Amazon? Ebay? SKU number, date, Transaction number? etc.) so we can find your transaction.

6) What if my package has incorrect or non-deliverable address or the item is Returned to Sender?

We refund items that come back 'RETURN TO SENDER" and/or there is a problem with the address. We do not send items out to the same "bad or incorrect" address twice.

7) Will you accept Cash or Money Order or another form of payment?
Call us on the phone to arrange other paymnet options if you choose not to use a credit card or Paypal. If purchasing our items through Ebay you must use the PayPal/Credit card option as their policy states. If purchasing our items through Amazon be aware they do not have a PayPal option at this time.

8) Can you further DISCOUNT my item if I purchase more than one item?
Further discounting of items under $10.00 can be difficult as we as sellers do need to cover fees paid to Ebay, Amazon and PayPal. We can offer a discount on larger orders, contact us for details. We cannot discount/change the price on a listing that is already posted on ebay, Discounted sales must be listed as a special BUY IT NOW for your request. We DO NOT sell decals to others to sell on Ebay, Amazon or other Websites and compete with us.

Questions About The Products

9) Do you do custom? can I get something custom made?
We do consider making and adding new decals if it is something that we can make in quantity and add to our product line that would be of interest to multiple buyers. We can make "good ideas" and add them for all to purchase. WE DO NOT MAKE custom items for a business, one of a kind custom items, or create custom artwork or other custom items for a one time sale.

Do you have all the decals in stock? How many of each decal do you stock?
We do try our best to maintain inventory, in stock and ready to ship on all of our decals. We stock one or two dozen of each decals at all times for quick shipping. We don't let our decals get old on the shelf and try and always have fresh decals. If you place an order for a larger quantity please allow some extraq time to print or cut the larger order.

11) The item is larger than I thought it would be, what do I do?
We do our best to CLEARLY list the size of all decals we sell on our Website, Amazon or Ebay. PLEASE READ THE LISTING and be aware of the size of the decal. (You would never purchase clothing without knowing the size). If you did make the mistake of assuming the decal was the size you "envisioned" simply contact us. We may have various sizes and we do accept returns for a refund for you.

12) I see a black decal but I want white. Do you offer it in colors?
We do offer most of our decals in at least white and black. If you are looking on our website the pulldown should show the sizes available. If looking at product on Ebay or Amazon, simply search our store or the "see sellers other items" button.

13) I want to order custom ID numbers. Can you make letters or other than numbers?
Yes, we make them from a template file by typing in new characters. We can do any number, letter, character or symbol on a standard keyboard that can be simply typed in to the template.

14) I just purchased a magnet and it will not stick to my bumper. What do I do?
Magnetic signs will adhear very well to all steel surfaces. Many of the new cars have plastic bumpers (and some other panels) and of coarse a magnet will not adhere to plastic, fiberglass or aluminum. We do accept returns for refunds, simply send it back to us for a full refund if your panel is not steel and the magnet will not work for you.

15) Can I get a mirror image of a decal? or can I get a left and right matching pair?
We do have every decal listed pre-made and on the shelf ready to ship exactly as shown in the listing. We do try and make our buyers happy and will make up a pair, left and right, of any decal when we get requests. We do ask that you give us a couple extra days to get your special request (the mirrored decal) out in the mail as we do need to make it up special for you. Simply order two decals and BE SURE and put a note on the payment that you want the exact decal as a “mirrored image pair, left and right” so we are sure to catch the custom request. We process and ship orders very quickly. We want to be sure we catch your request. A NOTE ON THE PAYMENT or an EMAIL IMMEDIATELY following the payment is needed so we catch the custom request before shipping the order. Thank You. PLEASE NOTE: We can only make an EXACT mirror image of the decal and cannot customize it in any other way whatsoever. It must be the exact same size, color, etc. only mirrored to face the other direction.

16) Can I place your "Air Cleaner Decals" on my valve covers instead of the air cleaner?
We do get that question very often. We would not recommend vinyl decals or magnets on a surface such as a valve cover or radiator as the surface can get in the range of 200 degrees and vinyl, laminant and magnet does tend to soften and/or shrink when heated. You may do so at your own risk.

17) Can I get a color swatch to be sure of the color?
We are happy to send a color swatch FIRST at no charge to be sure you are happy with the color. Don't worry about the extra time if you are buying through ebay or Amazon, we re-list most of our products every week so if it takes a bit of time to approve a color there is no need to rush.

18) Will the color be true to the color on my computer screen?
Colors on a monitor screen (RGB colors) will appear different than actual colors you hold in your hand/ the actual product (CMYK colors). Request a color swatch if you are particular.

19) Can I order or do you have "hot" or Fluorescent Colors?
We get a lot of requests or questions for HOT, Day Glow or Fluorescent colors. Usually when referring to a HOT color you are referring to Fluorescent colors or colors that Glow under a Black Light. Our colors are bright, but not actually the HOT or FLUORESCENT colors. They do make these fluorescent colors/vinyl but they do not have the 6-YEAR life like the vinyl we prefer to use. They only have a "6 MONTH OUTDOOR LIFE", and we prefer not to sell these, as we do not need any complaints that the decals do not hold up well to the sunlight. The "HOT" colors will fade very quickly if exposed constantly to the suns UV Rays of the sun. If you are inquiring about a Hot Pink color, we do offer a magenta/pink color that is bright, will last up to 6 years but is not as bright as a fluorescent or hot color.

20) Will you reproduce something for me? can I get something that is copywrite protected?
We do not make items that are copyright protected so please do not ask. Many of our items are from our own designs. If you see an EXACT COPY of our artwork elsewhere, please let us know.



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