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NEW PHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS: 8:30 am to 1:00 pm Monday through Friday. Other hours call and leave a message. We do monitor our Email more closely and do respond when possible on Weekends, Sundays, Holidays and Evenings.

TELEPHONE 440-352-3280

MINIMUM ORDER: There is no minimum order requirement on stock items. All orders are subject to shipping and/or handling charge.

PAYMENT TERMS: Most items can be paid prior to purchase. School Districts please call for arrangements if you wish to use a purchase order or paymnmet terms.

WARRANTY: The only obligation of either seller or manufacturer shall be toreplace any product which is proven to be defective. Neither seller normanufacturer assumes any liability for injury, loss, or damage resultingfrom use of these products.

CLAIMS AND RETURNS: claims for errors, shortages, and/or damaged goods MUST be made within five (5) working days of receipt of goods or products.The return of unused and/or undamaged goods MUST be made within 30days of receipt of goods or products, and is subject to a 10% restockingcharge. (This excludes custom or special manufactured orders, which are NOT RETURNABLE ) No returns shall be accepted without prior authorization.

SHIPMENT: Orders will be sent via US Mail or UPS. Orders will be subject to any and all shipping/handling charges.

WHEN ORDERING: To avoid mistakes in shipment(s), please list the description of every item ordered.